Food and Beverage Commercials

Sparkletts water

Alhambra water

Sonic Hamburgers

Aquavend Water

Sapporo Beer

Wallaroo Sparkling water

Sparkletts Seltzer

Foster Farms Turkey

McDonald’s Sundaes

Roundtable Pizza

Dreyers Ice Cream

Nalley's Chili 

Brooks Beans

S&W Fine Foods

Stir-Fruity Yoghurt

Foxhorn wine

Chicago Red wine

Idaho Potatoes

Alden Merril Cheesecake

Foster Farms Corndogs

Del Monte Foods

Baskin-Robins 31 Flavors

Perrier Water Group

Hostess Grizzly Chomps

Der Weinerschnitzel

Bersteins Salad Dressing

Thundercrunch Potato Chips

Synder’s Potato Chips

Downyflake Waffles

Sugar Crisp Cereal

Baker’s Twist Bread

Dole Peeled Pineapple

Colony Gold Chablis

Taco Bell

Toys and Games  Commercials (Partial list)

Godzilla Vs Kong

Ninja Turtles Figures

TMNT MicroMutants 

Ninja Turtles Shellraiser

TMNT Movie Figures

TMNT Throw n’ Battle

TMNT Movie Technodrome

TMNT Mix n’ Match Mutations


Baby Born Princess Palace

Doctor Dreadful

Gazillion Bubbles


Creepy Crawlers


Forces of Valor

Lil Handfuls

John Deere playsets

Transforming Godzilla & Kong

TMNT Figures to Vehicles

Treasure Trolls

Nanos/Talkin' Nanos

Ninja Control Leo

Tugger the Playful Pup

TMNT Figures to Weapons

Space Jam

Baby So Beautiful

Earthworm Jim

Bananas in Pajamas

Star Trek: TNG

Deep Space 9

Classic StarTrek

Bandai Nintendo Games

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Water Babies

AMT Models

Other Commercials

Blue Mountain Dog Food

NYNEX Business Directory

San Francisco Giants

Southern California Olds Dealers

Stratosphere’s Hotel and Casino

Adelphia Cable

Atlantic Bank

Baystate Health Plans

US Bank

Cirrus Automated Teller Plus

The Oregonian

The Times Advocate

OP Sportware

The National Dairy Council

Booth Communications

Singapore Airlines

Wickes Furniture

Osmacote Plant Food


Kenwood Electronics


Yudachi Bath Oils

Love’s BBQ Resturants

Orly Nail Products

Nissan Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation

AMC Jeep

Continental Airlines

Fannon Electronics

Hali-Spechts Lighting

Basha’s Supermarkets

Harris and Frank Stores


Hitachi Electronics

Head Shampoo

KayBee Toy Stores

Buster Brown Shoes

ToFIxIt Referrals

MyGuy Referrals

The San Jose Mercury News

KNBR Radio

Pace Transportation

US Forestry Service

Television Series and Specials

The Love Chronicles (26 episodes)

The Bollo Caper

OG Readmore “Jack and the Beanstalk”

OG Readmore “Jeykl & Hyde”

OG Readmore “Little Red Riding Hood”

OG Readmore “Puss n’ Boots”

OG Readmore “Chicken Little”

Holiday in Your Heart (featured songs)

Tornado (featured songs)

Terror in the Family (featured songs)

Stone Protectors (13 episodes)

Sesame Street “Lower Case n”

Sesame Street “Capital I”

The Young Pioneers “A Christmas Story”

Beyond Belief (26 episodes)

Dying to Belong (featured songs)

No One Would Tell (featured songs)

The Gin Game

I’m Dangerous Tonight (featured songs)

The Importance of Being Donald

Sam the Olympic Eagle

Disney Channel IDs, Bumpers & Logos

ABC Super Star Movie Main Titles

Bug Bunny “Cartoon Gold” Main Titles

Nanny & the Professor “Phantom of the Circus”

Nanny & the Professor “Secret Microdot”

The Mini-Munsters

Sesame Street “Imagination-Rain”

Feature Films and Home Video

Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eyeore

Precious Moments “Simon the Lamb”

Precious Moments “Special Delivery”

Precious Moments “What’s new at the Zoo”

Precious Moments “Story of Joseph”

Precious Moments “Little Sparrow”

Carolco Films Logo

Disney Disc of Mystery and Magic

Action Impossible

Cinderella 2000

Spawn of the Slithis

Summer Camp

Pioneer Artists Logo

Theatrical Trailers

The Black Hole

The Unidentified Flying Oddball

Starship Troopers

The Watcher in the Woods

The Devil and Max Devlin

The Last Flight of Noah’s Ark



Never Cry Wolf

Something Wicked This Way Comes

American Pop

The Final Countdown


The Mill Valley Film Festival

Disney World Exhibits

The World Festival Sphere - Epcot Center

ChromaKey Theatre - Epcot Center

Grand Mirage 3D Attractions

Theatrical, TV & Video gameS Orchestrations

Intermission (Feature-John Murphy, Composer)

Friday After Next (Feature-John Murphy, Composer)

The Big Red One (Video game-Graham Reville, Composer)

Call of Duty (Video game-Graham Reville, Composer)

Chronicles of Riddick (Feature-Graham Reville, Composer)

Power Rangers/The Movie (Feature-Graham Reville, Composer)

Myst III (Video game-Jack Wall, Composer)

Myst IV (Videogame-Jack Wall, Composer)

Dungeon Siege (Video game-Jack Wall, Composer)

Wraith Unleashed (Video game-Jack Wall, Composer)

VideoGames Live (Hollywood Bowl-Various Composers)

Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban (Video game-Jeremy Soule, Composer)

Azurik (Video game-Jeremy Soule, Composer)

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World (Feature-Michael Giacchino, Composer)

Secret Weapons Over Normandy (Video game-Michael Giacchino, Composer)

Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb (Video game-Clint Bajakian, Composer)

Max Keeble’s Big Move (Feature-Michael Wandmacher, Composer)

Ricky Martin (“Walk Like a Loaded Man” NY Benefit Concert)

Static (TV Series-Stanley Clarke, Composer)

Futurama (TV Series- Chris Tyng, Composer)

Kazzaam (Feature-Chris Tyng, Composer)

The King and I (Feature-Bill Kidd, Conductor)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (TV Series-Joe LoDuca, Composer)

Xena Warrior Princess (TV Series-Joe LoDuca, Composer)

The Battle for Mt. Olympus (Feature-Joe LoDuca, Composer)

Spooky House (Feature-Gary Schymann, Composer)

Toys and Consumer Products Sound Design & Music

Playmates Toys: “Mutant Mayhem Ninja Shouts”, “Vlad & Niki Shake ‘ems”, Vlad & Niki Morphing Mic”,“Mega Heat Ray Godzilla”, “Mega Punching Kong” “Ben 10-Omnitrix Game”,“Ben 10 Omnitrix”,“Voltron”, “Classic Voltron”, “Halfshell Heroes T-Comm”, “IR Ninja Control Leo”, “Dance with Me Disney Princess”, “Ben 10 Power Sound Figures”, “TMNT Power Sfx Action Figures”,  “Turtle Phone”, “Leo’s Electronic Sword”, “Talk to Me Mikey”, “TMNT Electronic Masks”, “Cricket”,  “Jill”, “Talkin’ Nanos (Puppy, Baby, Kitty)”, “Turok Dinosaur Hunter”, “Star Trek toys”.

Tomy UK: “Dancing Winnie the Pooh”, “Dancing TeleTubbies”, “Rainbow Bunny Bus”, “Peekaboo Pooh”, “Wobble and Play Pooh”, “Bouncing Tigger”, “LaMaze” Infant Line, “Discovery Swap n’ Roll Snail”, “Winnie the pooh”, “Moonlight Dreamshow”.

Jakks-Pacific/Tolly Tots: “Color Catcher”, “Fancy Nancy Music Box”, “Incredibles Jack-Jack”, Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack Attack”, “Magic Waters Ariel”, “Disney Belle”, “Bedtime Aurora”, “Rapunzel”, “Princess Sofia”, “Elsa and Anna”, “Safety First Animal Friends”, “Wiggle Pets”, “Wiggle Cars”, “Cargo Copter”, “Rubik Roller Maze”.

Pop Rocket/Equity Marketing: “Baby Einstein” (Line), “Barney Phone”, “JoJo’s Circus”, “Powderpuff Girls”, “Scooby Timer Cook Set”, “Bedtime Scooby”, “Guitar Playin’ Scooby-Doo”.

ToyVision: ”Billy the Bath Frog”, “Peg Basher”, “Tambourine Rattle”, “Twistasaurus”, “Musical Tropical Shape Sorter”.

MGA: “Shrek Babies”, “Lil’ Tykes Learning Kitchen”, “Lil’ Tykes Music Maker”, “Baby Love and Grow”, “Shrek Triplets”, “Lil’ Tykes Learning Market”, “Lil’ Tykes Discovery Phone”. 

Educational Insights: “Magic Moves”, “The Riddle Show”, “Hot Dots”, “Planet Scale”, “Bug Net”, “Math Flash”.

Disney Store: “Seven Dwarves Merry Christmas”, “Pumpkin Pooh”, “Pumpkin Eyeore”, “Princess Belle”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Pumpkin Sully”, “Pumpkin Boo”, “Elvis Stitch”.

Anagram Industries: Happy Birthday Balloons: “Dora”, “Tweety Bird”, “Sponge Bob”, “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.”

Snap Toys: “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Van”, “Snow White Seven Dwarves”.

PlayAlong Toys: “Care Bears” (Line).

Industry AWARDS

Clios (4)

New York International Film and Television Awards (4)

Cable Car Awards (2)

Cannes Festival International du Film Publicitaire Cinema et Television (2)

AAF Awards (3)

Beldings (3)


I was legally deaf until a series of operations restored my hearing. I was seven at the time. I knew from that moment on that my future lay in making “noise.” I created my first composition for orchestra at age ten. There was no mystery throughout my formative years as to which path I would follow.

Before my twentieth birthday, I was fortunate enough to begin my professional career writing for Children’s Television Workshop (Sesame Street). I wrote songs, scripts, and music for many animated letter commercials (some are still on the air). Later that same year, I was tasked with creating the theme music for the ABC network’s Saturday Superstar Movie and commissioned to score three one-hour specials for that time slot.

I found a niche in creating music for commercials. Sometime later, I was privileged to be a part of the successful launches of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “Power Rangers” as both a composer and copywriter. From then on, I have focused on youthful audiences and the products associated with them.

Most would agree that music is a powerful tool for conveying emotional content and an essential part of supporting visuals and the spoken word. My experience has shown me that “getting it right” is a subjective task that requires much more than good communication between client and composer. It’s about service. It’s about turn-around, and it’s about attitude. These are the hallmarks of professionalism that, when supported by craftsmanship and discipline, result in extraordinary outcomes regardless of how challenging the circumstance. It’s about commitment to excellence. That has always been my focus.

If you feel that I can add value to your project, please contact me.

Steve Zuckerman